Dutch Honours Community


National collective of all Honours Students of the Netherlands

What do we do?


Facilitating and stimulating interaction between honours students by organising Discusssion Dinners, Association Visists and the DHC Conference


Representing the Dutch Honours students in the national debate about education. In the ISO meetings (Inter-City Students Consultation) the ideas and issues of the Honours Community are voiced.


The members of DHC are the different locale honours student associations

Our Story, Our Mission

The goal of the Dutch Honours Community is to serve the interests of and represent the students who participate in a Dutch Honours program. The associations that represent the students of the Honours program on a local level can become members of the DHC. During the year, the DHC organises consultations in order to facilitate contact between the members and we represent the honours students on a national level in the Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (ISO).

The DHC has been founded in January 2017. It came to be as result of a fusion between the foundation National Honours Community (NHC) and the association Dutch Honours Association (DHA).

Member Associations

The Board